Beanie is a photographer living in the North West of the UK. Her practice focuses on charitable documentary photography that offers support to communities and supportive organisations. Through visual documentary, she helps to raise awareness and promote support for organisations and show the West the unseen reality of poverty across the world.

beanie pictureCurrently she is working with Blackpool Food Partnership to help create a document about sustainable food and the organisations that link with the Food Partnership to help the homeless and those in poverty within Blackpool. Five regions of Blackpool are in the top ten most deprived towns in the UK so this is a really important cause. Whilst carrying out this project, Beanie has seen the overwhelming effects that the organisations have on people’s self-esteem, metal health and physical health. Additionally, ten people have been put into housing whilst working with organisation Amazing Graze.

Seeing a need for this in Blackpool, Beanie would like to spread the word about what organisations in Blackpool are doing and how they link together so that other areas of the UK can do the same.

Beanie is also a fundraiser for a charity called TUSC and plans to visit Uganda again to document the work further. Please visit the TUSC page to find out more.

Although Beanie considers herself a documentary photographer, she also enjoys shooting weddings, live events, children and animals. To find out more about this side of her photography, please visit her other website.