Blackpool Food Bank


Neil Reid, coordinator of Blackpool Food Bank, with a team of volunteers, organises food into different groups at the warehouse that has been either collected from donation points in Supermarkets and stores or has been directly donated by independent parties. The Food Bank is one of the main contributors to BFP and aims to provide support to families and individuals in the Blackpool region who are in financial crisis or unable to afford food. They regularly arrange awareness and collection days in local supermarkets with leaflets detailing which items they are desperately in need of. This gives members of the community an opportunity to support their neighbours and the generosity is often overwhelming.


Their stockroom is arranged in categories of food and order of date so that items can easily be placed into a bag to make up a food parcel when they have been asked by the discretionary team to make one up and it is distribute to the relevant organisation through BFP.

Find out about events and how to donate to the Food Bank at