Known for its high quality food, Booths stores in the Blackpool region are ensuring that their reputation remains high by support BFP and any organisations in need of food. An agreement is in place between Booths in Poulton and Lytham St Annes to freeze leftover bread for collection by BFP who then distribute it to soup kitchens and organisations that they know are in need of it. They also ensure to donate as much of their left over food and have a donation point near the tills so that customers can buy products for the partnership. The regional manager for the North West has made an effort to speak to other local businesses in the region to promote donating to the BFP and other organisations that may be in need and has promised to help support them in making that connection. BoothsStAnnes01121508


Booths is generally considered a more upmarket store and definitely does cost a percentage more than other, larger supermarkets however its customer base are loyal to the company beause of their morals. For example, Booths ensure that the farmers that supply them with fruit and veg receive a fair price for their trade to help keep them in business. Customers actively purchase the misshapen goods because they know it means the farmers are better off. Additionally, Booths seek to purchase their fresh produce from local farmers and indeed include this on their packaging so that customers can see where their food has been sourced. For example, in the image, left, the label states that the leeks came from Lancashire.  This is the kind of responsibility that the BFP network is trying to implement so that we can become a sustainable culture.


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