Grow Blackpool

Any member of the community can take part in the sessions hosted by Grow Blackpool at one of their many sites across the town. On Wednesdays they hold a morning session of planting and taking care of the allotment on Cherry Tree Road and about once a month they arrange a cook and eat session where all the ingredients are taken from the allotment and a healthy, fresh meal is prepared as a team. Grow Blackpool provide excellent education about how to grow your own food and how this can save you loads of money. They also offer free seeds to help get you started at no cost and have some impressive recycling initiatives that really come into play to reduce wastage at home and on the land ll. Visiting Grow Blackpool is inspiring, rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable.

Visit the team on Chepstow Road on Thursdays as they work to brighten up the Grange Park area and get more of the community involved in group projects. Find them every Friday at Lostock Gardens on South Shore. You can find out how to reuse an old Wellington Boot or how to upcycle a toilet basin whilst making new friends with the lovely bunch of people at the various locations. Grow Blackpool also provide sessions for schools and educational centres to get people of all ages involved in healthy eating, cost cutting and simply getting some fresh air. Although supported by the local council, Grow Blackpool ensures to be sustainable itself by growing daffodils and other plants that are sold in the spring and all of their left overs from the cook and eat sessions are put into compost to be used on the plant beds to promote growth.

All the services are free, child friendly and educational so you can visit whenever you feel like it. They also host activity days around Christmas and summertime.

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