As soon as I stepped out of the airport, I noticed an inherent difference. I may as well have been on Mars; I couldn’t have expected anything more different from the concrete, health and safety mad world that we live in here in the West. I was visiting Jinja to meet up with Transport for Ugandan Sick Children (TUSC) who do just as they say, all for free, with just one employee. My goal was to capture the faces of the people that TUSC help. These are the faces of villages that would die because there is simply no way for them to reach the hospital, they would instead have to spend their money on witch doctors. Pregnant women would have to take a motorbike across damaged roads with the last of their money or give birth at home with no medical help.

TUSC has provided Ugandans with lifesaving access to healthcare and has become renowned for its excellent support in some of the most rural villages in Jinja. Our single employer, Yakub, has built a relationship with families and doctors, strengthening the healthcare network and is highly recognised for his tireless efforts.

I capture landscape portraits because I want to inform the viewer of their surroundings, their homes, because how they live is so far from our own ways of life.